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Lotus Grill Barbecue - Low Smoke Charcoal Barbecue

8 July 2024

How does the Lotus Grill work?

The Lotusgrill has revolutionized the world of grilling by introducing a nearly smoke free charcoal grill to the market. The principle is simple: apply fire gel to the plate, turn on the fan, add charcoal on top, and in about 4 minutes, you can start grilling. But how exactly does this innovative device work? Let's take a closer look.

Lotus Grill - Ready in 4 Minutes

The Lotusgrill is known for being ready for use in record time. The secret lies in its unique design. Unlike traditional charcoal grills, where you often have to wait for glowing coals for 30 minutes or longer, with the Lotusgrill, you can start grilling in just 4 minutes. How does it achieve this? A battery-operated fan placed beneath the charcoal container ensures efficient ignition of the charcoal. This fan brings fresh air into the grill, accelerates the combustion process, and minimizes smoke production.

Charcoal Container

The charcoal container of the LotusGrill is where the magic happens. This is where the charcoal goes to be grilled. Depending on the size of the charcoal pieces, you can fit between 150 and 250 grams into the container. It's advisable to break the charcoal pieces down a bit beforehand to fit as much as possible. Once the charcoal container is filled, the lid is placed on it, and you're ready to ignite the charcoal.

Safety Fire Gel

To safely ignite the charcoal, you'll need safety fire gel. This gel is applied to the ignition plate located beneath the charcoal container. Then, you turn on the LotusGrill, and the battery-operated fan ensures efficient ignition of the fire gel and charcoal. The result? A smoke-free grilling process from the start. Yes, you read that correctly - the Lotusgrill burns charcoal without smoke production. A slight initial smoke may occur, but this is normal and is explained in the instructions.

Burn Time

With a full load of charcoal, you can grill for between 45 and 60 minutes, depending on the fan's setting. If the fan spins faster, the charcoal burns more quickly, and if it spins slower, the burn time is extended accordingly. In any case, the LotusGrill offers an impressive burn time that is sufficient for most grilling evenings.

The Lotusgrill: Hot on top, cool on the outside

One of the most remarkable features of the LotusGrill is its safety. While the grill grate gets hot, the outer casing remains cool. You can touch the grill without getting burned. This makes the LotusGrill not only user-friendly but also safe to handle.

Lotus Grill - What's Included

  • LotusGrill with grill grate, inner bowl, charcoal container, and ignition plate 
  • USB cable 
  • Batteries 
  • Instruction manual 
  • Carry bag

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How do I clean the Lotus Ggrill?

Cleaning the Lotusgrill is a breeze. The grill grate and inner bowl are made of stainless steel and can be easily placed in the dishwasher. Alternatively, you can rinse them with hot water. The charcoal container turns into an ash container after the grilling session. You should remove it carefully to avoid a mess.

Overall, the Lotusgrill is a great option for smoke-free and fast grilling. Its ease of use, safety features, and easy cleaning make it a popular choice for grill enthusiasts. And now that you know how it works, you can enjoy your grill evening with the LotusGrill even more!

Lotus Grill Barbecue - Low Smoke Charcoal Barbecue available in 4 sizes

The Lotus Grill barbecue is available in four different sizes, adapting to various needs and occasions.

The most compact model is the Lotus Grill Mini, ideal for individual use or in small gatherings.

For medium-sized groups, the Lotus Grill Classic is perfect, designed for up to 5 people, combining comfort and efficiency in a manageable size.

For larger gatherings, the Lotus Grill XL is the suitable option, as it can cater up to 10 people, making it an excellent choice for parties and family events.

Finally, for very large groups or large-scale events, the Lotus Grill XXL is the ideal solution, with its expanded capacity, it's perfect for meeting the needs of a large number of guests.