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How good are Napoleon's charcoal barbecues?

This question is entirely valid because, when you invest in a barbecue, you want to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product. Well, Napoleon barbecues have an excellent reputation in the world of grilling, and for good reason.

Napoleon is a company with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing grills and grill accessories. Throughout this long history, they have not only proven that they deliver on their promises but have also consistently introduced innovations in the world of grilling. This spirit of innovation extends to their charcoal barbecues, which offer the perfect blend of traditional grilling and cutting-edge technology.

The quality of Napoleon barbecues is evident in every detail of their products. From the robust cast-iron grill grates to the precise thermometers and well-thought-out ventilation systems, everything is designed to provide you with a first-class grilling experience.

In summary, Napoleon barbecues are not just good; they are outstanding. They offer quality, innovation, and a passion for grilling that is palpable in every meal. So, if you are looking for a barbecue that not only fills your stomach but also excites you, Napoleon is the right choice.

Napoleon's Range of Charcoal Barbecues

Kettle Grills: Classic Design with Modern Features

When you think of a charcoal barbecue, you probably envision a kettle grill. Napoleon has taken this classic design and equipped it with modern features. The result? A grill that allows both direct and indirect grilling and can achieve low temperatures thanks to an optimized ventilation system.

Napoleon's Approach to Smoking

Smoking is an art in itself, but Napoleon makes it easy. With their charcoal barbecues, you can smoke dry or wet to enjoy smoky flavors. Smoking chips in different flavors are available to add a special touch to your food.

Napoleon Charcoal Grill Pro605: The Flagship Grill

The Napoleon Charcoal Grill Pro605 is undoubtedly a top-of-the-line model that can exceed the expectations of experienced grill masters. With a precise ACCU PROBE™ thermometer and a stainless steel heat distributor for even heat distribution, it provides the tools for perfect grilling results.

The integrated rear burner opens up new possibilities for rotisserie dishes and allows precise temperature control. The grill also features an adjustable charcoal tray to customize heat as needed and a folding lid that retains heat inside.

With generous storage space, work surfaces, and utensil hooks, this grill is unbeatable in terms of user-friendliness.

The Napoleon charcoal grill NK22K-LEG-2

The Napoleon charcoal grill NK22K-LEG-2 is a true masterpiece of grill technology that focuses on comfort and practicality. With a diameter of 57 cm, it provides plenty of space to cook for all your hungry guests. But it's not just about the size; it's everything that comes with it that makes it special.

The black porcelain-enameled steel cover and bowl give it an elegant and durable appearance. Stainless steel details not only make it corrosion-resistant but also add a touch of style.

Want to know how your meat is cooking? No problem! The lid features an integrated thermometer so you can monitor the cooking temperature like a pro. Plus, the cool-touch handle and lid hook make it easy to handle without the risk of burns.

The stainless steel grill grate is a wonder. It's articulated, which means you can adjust it to your needs and add or remove charcoal effortlessly. And thanks to the optimized ventilation system, you can achieve high or low cooking temperatures as desired.

But here's where the real magic comes in: the stainless steel heat diffuser. This little hero evenly distributes the heat, ensuring that your food is cooked uniformly and deliciously.

When the party is over and everyone is satisfied, cleaning is a breeze. The barbecue has a removable reinforced steel ash collector that makes ash removal easy and ensures everything is clean and tidy. If you need to move this grill wonder, the two practical wheels and sturdy legs make the task easier.

Key features of the PRO22K-LEG-2 summarized

  • Black porcelain-enameled steel cover and bowl with stainless steel details 
  • Integrated thermometer in the lid 
  • Air intake control on the lid 
  • Air intake control in the bowl 
  • Ash collector 
  • Stainless steel heat diffuser

Who is behind Napoleon barbecues and where is the Napoleon charcoal grill produced?

Behind Napoleon barbecues is a Canadian family-owned company that has been producing top-quality grills, stoves, ovens, and outdoor kitchen systems for decades. Their long-standing tradition and dedication to innovation have made Napoleon one of the most respected manufacturers in the grilling industry.

The production of Napoleon barbecues takes place in Canada, specifically in Barrie, Ontario. Here, the barbecues are manufactured with attention to detail and the highest craftsmanship. So, you can be sure that your Napoleon grill is not only of high quality but also comes from a region known for its craftsmanship.