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Weber charcoal grill

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Charcoal Barbecue 57 cm Weber Performer GBS OFFER
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Charcoal Barbecue Weber Go Anywhere OFFER
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Charcoal Barbecue Weber Master-Touch GBS E-5750 57cm OFFER
Barbacoa WEBER Bar-B-Kettle 57cm OFFER
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Charcoal Barbecue Weber Compact Kettle 57 cm OFFER
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Charcoal Barbecue 57 cm Weber Performer Premium GBS OFFER
Charcoal Barbecue 47 cm Weber Compact Kettle OFFER
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How do Weber charcoal grills work?

Our Weber charcoal grills make it simple: you place your goodies on the cooking grate, add charcoal to the base, and ignite it using starter cubes or a lighter. Once the charcoal is burning well and covered with gray ash (indicating it's ready), you can start cooking.

The heat produced by the charcoal grills your food on the grate. You can control the temperature by adjusting the ventilation openings on the lid and at the bottom of the grill. It's that easy!

What type of charcoal is best for a Weber grill?

The choice of charcoal is important for your Weber grill. Charcoal briquettes are the most commonly used, they're easy to light and heat up quickly, perfect for direct grilling and quick recipes.

However, if you plan on longer cooks or smoking foods, you can opt for lump charcoal. It typically burns longer and provides a more consistent heat. In summary, charcoal briquettes are great for most occasions, while lump charcoal is ideal for longer cooks.

Can I use wood in Weber charcoal grills?

Weber charcoal grills are primarily designed for charcoal use. Using wood directly can be problematic as wood produces very intense heat and can damage the grill due to rapid metal expansion. However, you can use small pieces of wood that have been soaked in water to impart a smoky flavor to your food. But keep in mind that using wood alone is not recommended in Weber grills.

Accessories for Weber charcoal grills

Weber offers a variety of accessories to enhance your grilling experience with our charcoal grills. Some popular accessories include griddles for delicate dishes, pizza stones for making delicious pizzas, and smoking accessories that allow you to experiment with smoky flavors. Additionally, to keep your grill in top condition, you can find cleaning products and protective covers specifically designed for Weber charcoal grills.