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Gas Barbecues Weber

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Gas Barbecue Weber Spirit II E-210 GBS OFFER
455,16 € 474,13 €
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Gas barbecue Weber Genesis E-335 BBQ GBS
Gas Barbecue Weber Spirit II E-320 GBS OFFER
669,34 € 690,04 €
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442,04 €
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Gas Barbecue portable Weber Q1200 OFFER
272,77 € 284,14 €
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Gas Barbecue Weber portable Q2200 OFFER
368,31 € 387,70 €
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Gas Barbecue Weber Spirit E-215 OFFER
543,68 € 560,50 €
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Gas Barbecue Weber Spirit II E-310 GBS OFFER
585,59 € 603,70 €
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Gas barbecue Weber Summit S-670 GBS Stainless Steel OFFER
3.095,52 € 3.641,78 €
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Gas Barbecue Weber Spirit E-315 OFFER
621,04 € 690,04 €
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Gas barbecue Weber Genesis E-435 BBQ GBS OFFER
1.657,29 € 1.726,34 €
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Gas Barbecue Weber Traveler Stealth Edition OFFER
476,66 € 491,40 €
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How to Choose the Perfect Weber Gas Grill?

When it comes to choosing the right gas grill, the name Weber stands for quality and reliability. But how do you know which Weber Gas Grill model is right for you? The key is to understand your cooking needs, the available space, and the features you value most. Whether you prefer portability, power, versatility, or capacity for large events, Weber has an option for you. Let's break down the differences between some popular Weber models to help you make the perfect choice.

Gas Barbecues Weber: Q Model and Go-anywhere

  • Specifications: Compact, unique design, advanced technology. 
  • Differentiators: Ideal for small spaces, quick heating, and easy transport. Perfect for small gatherings or solo grilling. 
  • Models: Q1200, Q2000, Q2200 with cast-iron grates for even cooking.

Gas Barbecues Weber: Spirit Model

  • Gas Barbecues Weber: Powerful burners, practical design, cast-iron grill. 
  • Differentiators: Ideal choice for beginners, facilitates temperature control and ensures roasted flavors. Includes models with 2 and 3 burners and a side burner option. 
  • Models: Spirit E and Spirit II, some with a cabinet for storing accessories and gas bottle.

Gas Barbecues Weber: Genesis Model

  • Specifications: Compatible with WEBER CRAFTED Gourmet BBQ System, large searing zone, expandable top grill. 
  • Differentiators: Versatility for grilling, baking, and roasting. Ideal for advanced culinary preparations and complete outdoor meals. 
  • Models: Genesis and Genesis II, with options of 2 to 6 burners and Sear Station for quick searing.

Gas Barbecues Weber: Summit Model

  • Specifications: 6 burners, rotisserie, infrared burner, stainless steel grill. 
  • Differentiators: High-end experience, ideal for experienced grillers. Advanced features for professional cooking techniques. 
  • Models: Summit, with unlimited space and options such as additional burners for special roasts.

General Features of Gas Barbecues Weber

  • Temperature Control: Integrated thermometers for precise monitoring. 
  • Ergonomic Design: Heat-resistant handles and robust construction for safe and comfortable use. 
  • Burner Diversity: From 2 to 6 burners to suit different sizes and types of cooking. 
  • Technological Innovations: Efficient searing zones and Weber Connect system in selected models for smart cooking. 
  • Flavorizer Aromatization System: Patented bars for a distinctive smoky flavor and efficient grease management. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Grease collection systems for simplified cleaning and prevention of grease fires.


Do you still have doubts and are not sure which grill to choose? Contact us for personalized advice.