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What can the pellets do?

Pellets are the innovation in the grilling world, small yet powerful. They are made from compressed wood chips or sawdust and provide a clean and controllable heat source. Their use in pellet barbecues has revolutionized grilling, especially due to their ability to ensure even and finely adjustable heat distribution. The uniqueness of pellets lies in their variety: they are available in a range of wood types, from hickory to mesquite to applewood, giving each grilled item a unique and distinctive flavor. However, if you want even more flavor, you should try using wood chips for smoking. Now, all that's left is to use an appropriate grill starter to ignite the grill.

Production of Pellets

The production of pellets is a prime example of engineering precision and environmental sustainability. The process begins with the collection of wood chips and sawdust, which are then pressed under high pressure through specially designed dies. This process releases lignin, a natural adhesive in wood, which stabilizes the pellets in their form without the need for additional binders. This method of pellet production is not only efficient but also contributes to the value of wood waste.

Advantages of Pellets

Uniform Heat: Pellets offer exceptional control over the grill temperature. This allows for precise and consistent cooking, particularly beneficial for demanding recipes. 

Versatility: The various wood types of pellets open up a world of diverse flavor profiles. This allows the grill master to deliberately influence and vary the flavor of the grilled food. 

Environmental Friendliness: Many pellets are made from recycled wood, making them an environmentally conscious choice. This sustainability not only appeals to eco-conscious grill enthusiasts but also supports responsible forestry practices.